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About Tajine Alami

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Welcome to Little Morocco!

It's traditional to welcome guests in our Moroccan home and treat them as a part of our family.

By having you, we extend a relaxing and exotic experience of casual comfort. It is our hope to take you back in time and place into our world, where cuisine and hospitality are cherished matters of health, happiness and cultural heritage. Please enjoy and have a good time---to your health!

The restaurant known as Tajine Alami was once known as the historic and famous Hiawatha Gardens, established in 1902. It was Manitou Springs' most popular ballroom, where Lawrence Welk, Paul Whiteman, Jimmy Dorsey and Benny Goodman performed. And where Rudolph Valentino, the greatest among silent screen lovers, once danced!

Dancing at Tajine Alami

In its hey day, the 1920's and 30's, the Hiawatha Gardens was "the" place to dance. Because of its geography, Manitou Springs was nearly a closed community. Guests came to the picturesque resort town and stayed the entire summer. One didn't simply drive out to Manitou. They arrived by train, and the well-to-do brought along maids, butlers, and baby-sitters.

The Gardens was the entertainment center of Maintou Springs. Those who danced on the suspended dance floor, which moved ever so slightly, claimed the floatation effect never made you tired.

Now, at Tajine Alami, you may enjoy a quiet dinner, banquet, or the spirit of the same ballroom atmosphere of dining, dancing, and listening to music!

A Splendid Feast!

We have over 25 authentic Moroccan entrees from the national dish, cous-cous, to lamb, tajines, chicken, beef, seafood, duck and vegetarian -- all prepared with exquisite skill and expert care by Moroccan chefs. We serve four and six course dinners nightly.

Friday and Saturday nights and special holidays, enjoy the belly dancers. Private rooms are perfect for holidays, parties, weddings, receptions, sales meetings, and banquets. Large groups can be accommodated with ease!

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